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CryEngine 3 vs. UDK/Unity

By MikeCryEngine 3

In March 2011, CryTek released Crysis 2 for Console and PC, touting the CryEngine 3 as the world’s most advanced game engine. Following that and a showcase at GDC, they released the CryEngine 3 Free SDK in order to make a bid at the independent and student game development communities, in hope perhaps of growing their licensing base or being able to compete with Unity3D and UDK.

To date, though, few people have taken them up on it. You never see an indie developer using CryEngine, and there are almost no big game industry licensees for it that I can name that aren’t working on IPs originally developed by CryTek. As such I decided to take a crack at learning it, both to find out how it really stacks up against the other 3D engines in the independent market and to hopefully give it some much-deserved exposure. I’ll go through it in the same way I did Unity and Unreal, then see how it measures up to both at the end.

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