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A Unity Programmer in Unreal Engine’s Court: Editor GUI Programming

Time for a snapshot of the kinds of details that video game programmers often have to fuss over when learning a new system. This time it’s a comparison of Unity and Unreal’s editor GUI frameworks.

In Unity3D, the editor GUI system is quite well-documented and understood. You fill an OnGUI function with all the functions that display your GUI.


Source: Unity Script API reference, Editor.OnInspectorGUI page

This is called an Immediate Mode GUI. Every frame that the GUI is displayed it looks at all of the functions being called as instructions on what to draw, what not to draw, and how the GUI should behave. It’s all fairly well-documented via Unity’s script API, which makes it fairly easy to learn the basics of how to create new editor GUIs.

So, what’s Unreal’s equivalent?

… Time to vent for a little bit.

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