Michael Prinke is a Unity gameplay programmer and author of numerous tutorials on Unreal Development Kit. His specialty is analyzing game development tools and techniques, and he aims to use that knowledge to empower game storytellers. Nuts and bolts are his thing.

Adam Price is a web engineer whose past game credits include social games like The Real Housewives, The Walking Dead, and Storage Wars. His specialty is bringing tangible fun and humor to the table no matter the medium, and his aim is to make game mechanics that focus on comedy.

On this blog, they will share discussions, thoughts, and observation about topics in the fast-paced world of game development. From the hilariously stupid…

Mike: “Why do lizard people in 4th edition D&D have breasts?”

… to the stupidly fantastic!

Adam: “By the gods, I can SHOOT THE LOADING GRAPHIC.”

This is Infinite Wrench!

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